Equine Massage

I travel throughout Southern Ontario for equine massage appointments, with two main service areas centring around:

Guelph & the GTA (including Ancaster, Milton, Erin, Hillsburgh, Rockwood, Burlington, and Caledon area).

Peterborough & the Kawarthas (including Uxbridge, Port Perry, Buckhorn, Bancroft, Bobcaygeon, Haliburton).

Seminars, presentations and workshops

  • Functional anatomy
  • Stretching
  • The dynamic body: Promoting positive changes in your horse
  • Introduction to equine massage

Please call or email to discuss your needs and interests.


Equine massage services FAQ:

How long is a massage session?

A typical equine massage session lasts approximately an hour, with additional time for discussion before and after. Extra time is taken on the first appointment to obtain a thorough ‘case history’, discuss the goals of the treatment, and assess the horse. After the massage, I will discuss my findings and provide homecare instructions, such as stretches or particular exercises that address the areas of concern.

Is it OK to ride before/after my horse is massaged?

Riding before is fine so long as the horse is completely cooled out and dry in time for their massage. A light ride after an equine massage session can be beneficial in allowing both horse and rider an opportunity to feel any changes associated with the massage work, though I do not recommend a strenuous workout that is going to be overly taxing for the horse. That being said, for some horses a massage session can represent important down time, and it may be preferable to allow them time afterwards to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that a massage can provide.

How often should I have my horse massaged?

Each horse and situation is unique. The ideal frequency of treatments will be influenced by a number of factors including the goals of the treatment, the horse’s condition, work schedule, response to treatment and your budget. Massage does work best when used on an ongoing basis – depending on the situation that could mean anywhere from once a month to every two weeks to every two months. Many people will shorten the time between massage sessions as their horse’s competitive schedule or training intensifies, leaving a longer time between appointments during the winter or off months.

How much does it cost?

My rates reflect a desire to keep my services accessible to your average horse owner. Discounts apply for two or more horses at the same location and multiple-session packages. Please contact me for specific pricing details.

If you have any questions about my services or about equine massage therapy in general please do not hesitate to ask!

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