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Recommended Reading: 3 of my All-time Favourite Riding Books

There are some books that will always have a place on my bookshelf…

Centered RidingCentered Riding book

by Sally Swift

Anatomy, the use of imagery as a tool to enhance riding (and one could even say life) skills, and an understanding of how the mind affects the body, underlie much of what is great about both editions of this book. … Read the rest

Winter horse care evening seminar, Peterborough, ON

Horse galloping in snow

Peterborough, Ontario
574 County Rd 28 & Zion Line
Centreville Presbyterian Church Hall
(one km south of the Millbrook turn)

Thursday December 5, 2013 – 7pm  

“Winter care for your horse’s muscles and back” – Lindsay Day, REMT

“Winter nutrition management: – Hilary Croft, Shur Gain Equine Feed Advisor

“Demystifying deworming programs” – Stuart Cullen, Vetoquinol


Join us for this FREE educational evening, with food, fun and door prizes to be had! … Read the rest

Handedness in Horses: Nature vs. Nurture?

Do horses naturally have a dominant side or is this something we inadvertently develop in them as a result of our riding and training? 

horse on lunge line

Many mammalian species, like people, exhibit a preference for using one side of their body over the other — and do so with greater strength, co-ordination and dexterity than with the less favoured side. … Read the rest