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How do you know your horse is using his back?

I am thrilled to have Kathy from Horse Listening as our FIRST guest blogger here on EQ! Kathy has been involved in the equine industry for the past 20 years as a rider, boarder, horse owner, competitor, coach, trainer, and breeder.  … Read the rest

Carrot Stretches to Strengthen Your Horse’s Back

Carrot stretches are an easy and effective way to develop the stabilizing muscles of the horse’s back. Recent studies have been able to show the significant effect of these exercises on the multifidus muscles – the small inter-vertebral muscles that help stabilize and protect the spine – when performed on a regular basis. … Read the rest

Funding for new equine health research projects announced

racehorse jockey

Research into the detection of subtle lameness in racehorses and new methods of monitoring equine tendon injury and healing are among the research projects to be funded in 2013 by the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation.

The racing industry in North America has long been one of the most significant contributors of funding for equine research projects that help improve the health and welfare of horses, through the development of targeted treatments, refined diagnostics and an improved understanding of equine disease processes. … Read the rest

Reducing the spread of equine infectious disease (Article)

biohazard symbolThe recent cases of EHV-1 in Florida and Quebec are a reminder of the value of instituting managment practices to help reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. Though no cases have been reported in Ontario this year, taking a proactive approach  in protecting our horse’s health is worthwhile. … Read the rest